Slice of Life #2: Saturday

I wake up.

I wake up.

I check my phone.

Snow and rain is on the way.

More snow days? Please, God, no.

I open my email.

Get in here today! 40% off!

Joann Fabrics is a siren.

I need to unsubscribe.


I scroll Instagram.

The Lost Man, by Jane Harper

A Woman is No Man, by Etaf Rum

Did you know Dr. Seuss, our Read Across America star, wore blackface?

All in favor of making LeVar Burton the new face of Read Across America say aye!

Pride, by Ibi Zoboi

My Life as an Ice Cream Sandwich, forthcoming middle grade debut by Ibi Zoboi

The Night Diary, by Veera Hiranandani

Lot, forthcoming short story collection by Bryan Washington

I’ve been awake for 5 minutes and I’ve already learned something.

I love the internet.

I comment:

Already pre-ordered Lot on Mat Johnson’s recommendation – I will read anything my favorite authors love 😹 Looking forward to reading it!

I warm up yesterday’s coffee: everyone else in the house is still asleep.

This will do for now.

I settle in to post my Slice of Life. Afterwards, I’ll dive into my current read: Dime Quien Soy, by Julia Navarro.

My cat jumps up on my lap.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, my friends.

5 thoughts on “Slice of Life #2: Saturday

  1. “I’ve been awake for 5 minutes and I’ve already learned something.” … amazing, isn’t it? Such connectedness! I’ve been toying with the idea of a short vacation without connections. Or maybe I should just designated one day a week as an internet fast… well not until March is over.

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  2. ¡Me encanta este slice! Me siento completamente identificada 🙂 Now you have to tell me how do you like Julia Navarro´s book. I haven´t read anything from her, but “Dime Quien Soy” is one that I should read.


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