Slice of Life #3: The Whole Teacher

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For the month of March, I will be participating in the Slice of Life Challenge (#sol19) sponsored by Two Writing Teachers. This is my first year slicing. 

I’m sitting in a doctor’s office, watching House Hunters International on the waiting room TV. I don’t want to be watching rich people buy second homes in beautiful exotic places I will never be able to afford, so open up WordPress on my phone to draft a blog post. Due to my mood, it’s a pretty negative post.

I save it as a draft and start something else… but it’s about my classroom. I’ve been working on building boundaries between work and home life, and one of my “rules” is no work on weekends. I realize I want my Slice of Life participation to reflect this decision, not derail it. So I save the post as a draft.

I start reading other Slices, and realize there is really no right way to slice. That’s what I love about this community: though teaching has brought us here, slicing is a celebration of the whole teacher, not just our profession.

So today, I won’t be writing a long or thoughtful post. My partner just got his flu diagnosis, and after a week of this bug lingering, we’re both pretty tired out. We’ll soon go home, get him some rest, and watch the DC United game from home instead of our usual standing-only, beer-in-your-hair Supporters Section.

I knew daily writing would get difficult at some point… and only three days in, here it is! I’m thankful for this community keeping me accountable, even on the off days.

14 thoughts on “Slice of Life #3: The Whole Teacher

  1. … and yet, you have written a thoughtful post!
    I agree with you , that this challenge allows us to be whole, and to see each other as more than our careers. It is good to read posts and say, oh yes, its ok to write that. Today was grim but you are ending it well- on the writing challenge and also at home with your recovering (I hope) partner. My favorite line? “I don’t want to watch rich people buy second homes in beautiful exotic places…” Love it.


  2. I really enjoy the casual, comfortable voice you utilize in this post. And the message is so important, too. I had not thought of this idea of the “whole teacher”, but now I see it is why I appreciate this community so much.

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  3. Here’s hoping the germs don’t last too much longer. Here’s also hoping the slicing doubt doesn’t last too much longer. I had the same unsure thoughts today as well… day 3 is officially “the day things got real”!


  4. It takes a while to get your writing legs. So suggestions: go back to day 1 and read some veteran tips. Here are mine. Decide days of the week themes and map out subjects and/or themes going out. From my welcome wagon host three years ago, set up all your empty posts for the month in your drafts. I keep a blog journal and jot down ideas from other blogs, tweets, podcasts, books all the time. Today I mapped out the week and will try and write ahead when I more ready to write. As you can see not all of us are five hundred worders p, so you can be short, use a picture as a prop. Try to mimic someone’s post like a mentor text. It’s a good exercise. Good Luck.


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