Slice of Life #6: A Shout Out

Shout out to all the teachers doing THE MOST out there.

While Slicing has taught me the art of appreciation (especially in our profession), it has also made me realize how much I DON’T do:

I don’t get up early. I’m one of the many teachers who skitter in at the last moment, 15 minutes before the kids arrive. I’d much rather stay late, prepping for tomorrow, than rush around half asleep in the AM!

I don’t function well in the morning, period. If it was up to me, we’d start school at 9am. Interestingly enough, NCTE just published an article extolling the virtues of later starts for our students’ growing bodies.

I love to procrastinate. I do my best work when it’s dark out, and when I’m under pressure.

I need my downtime. I find it difficult to write and/or be creative & reflective during the day. By the time I get around to decompressing from the day, eating dinner, catching up with my partner and snuggling to with my cat, the night is nearly over before I’ve had a chance to write properly.

Tonight as I sit down to write, I think about the great slices I’ve read over the past few days: reflections on time, teaching, adulting, and how we spend our free time. And I can’t help but wonder: how do you all do it all… before 8pm?! Especially those of you with kids?!

In honor of my colleagues out there killin’ it, I’ve linked some of the great slices I’ve read in the paragraph above. You guys rock!

And a treat for those of you who have read until the end: today I found another blogger (non-slicer), The Book Wrangler. I am so impressed by his bookish art and downloadables! (I know it’s not a word, but it could be…). There are some great woman-power graphic posters I may be printing for Women’s History Month.

Thank you for your encouragement throughout this journey, fellow slicers! We’re over halfway through the first school week of slicing. Phew!

11 thoughts on “Slice of Life #6: A Shout Out

  1. I’m a night writer and procrastinator too. And down time…oh my goodness do I need that! Although I do get up early, it often feels like I do that because I need to catch up on all the things I’ve pushed aside for far too long! 🙂


  2. I’m with you on the early mornings. I barely get my act together at home in the morning, I don’t know how some people get up, work out, get to school early, and get work done.

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  3. So true, all the different styles and energies. You are so honest about yourself. But it doesn’t seem as if you procrastinate- you just understand when you will be getting things done:). I second your praise and amazement for all the young moms out there, managing to write !


  4. I totally wonder the same thing about others…but I’ve been impressed with stuff you’re doing, too! Reading your slice made me nod along in agreement. We are more alike than different. 🙂

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  5. Thanks for the shout-out to some of the blogs you’ve been enjoying as I enjoyed clicking through and visiting them too. I totally hear you about the challenges of following through on daily writing when there is so much going on!


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