Slice of Life #7: An Ode to LaCroix


Your can-side cool to the touch,

Your snappy, snarky hello,

The calming fizz of your bubbles

As they encounter my tongue,


I don’t know what it is about you

That so endears you to me.

I could buy

Your cheaper spawn

At Aldi…

Yet I don’t.

I could buy you in bulk,

Plastic liters replacing

your aluminium shine…

Yet I don’t.


It’s the “Minnesota”

Stamped on your bottom:

Your birthplace reminds me

Of college roommates,

First loves,

New Years and Fourth of July’s

And I feel a certain type of kinship.


It’s the ghosts of teachers past,

My memories of them sipping you down,

Always on hand,

Next to a gallon

Of Purell

And a glass

Of Airborne:

The aula de la primera profesora

Que me mostró un video de mi amor


La profesora que viajó conmigo

A la selva de Perú

And back.

Whatever the cause,

I love you,


18 thoughts on “Slice of Life #7: An Ode to LaCroix

  1. I adore the Spanish part of this poem. It’s gorgeous, and adds a quirky little twist. I also love LaCroix and can’t get into the cheaper versions….Something about that pamplemousse!


  2. I feel like there is a small, quirky contingent of people who adore La Croix enough to write odes to it. Thanks for calling us all together with this love letter! As for me, I shall be buried with a can of coconut La Croix!


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