Slice of Life #13: A Different Kind of Writing

(Yes, I’m posting just after midnight).

My boyfriend is writing a book. Or rather, he has finished a first draft: 85,000 words of a novel.

Tonight he is editing. Or so he says.

I’m settled into bed, charging my Kindle and scrolling Instagram until the e-reader is ready.

I see a post from afropreppybookworm signaling her followers that My Sister the Serial Killer is only $3.99 on Kindle. “Because… #sharingiscaring” she writes. I type out a quick “Omg THANK YOU” before swiping over to Amazon to buy the ebook.

Purchase completed, I guiltily look over at my boyfriend. Predictably, he’s not editing – his computer is laying untouched on his lap… yet he seems to have some sort of word processing app up on his iPad, similar to my WordPress app’s format. My pulse rises. After my many muse-alouds, did he join Slice of Life? IS HE SLICING?

My cat joins me on the bed, settling in on my chest, allowing the perfect cover for me to sneakily monitor his activity.

I look closer: it’s Reddit.

He’s sitting there, a looooong comment open, a gray-typefaced “reply” inviting him to write… yet he doesn’t.

I return to my cat petting, and remove one of her claws from my shirt – the product of an over-zealous knead.

I glance over again, to see if he’s writing – editing, commenting, anything – and now he’s reading an article titled “Socialism and Black Oppression” on Jacobin. Hm.

I open My Sister the Serial Killer and begin an engrossing opening scene of a sister cleaning up blood in an apartment in Lagos, while her sister sits, balled up, on the toilet seat.

Distantly, I hear an iPad case close.

“Well, just sent out one more Reddit argument, then deleted the app.”

I can tell a conversation and/or rant is on the horizon, so I put down my Kindle in anticipation. “About…?” I prompt.

Off he goes.

I guess he was writing after all.

21 thoughts on “Slice of Life #13: A Different Kind of Writing

  1. So engaging, and such a slice of reality! I have to admire your boyfriend’s deleting the distracting app – and am so amused by your purchase, not to mention “Is he SLICING?” – hilarious! Delightful read.


  2. Thanks for the glimpse into your late evening! Always reassuring to hear others are resistant to editing…


  3. We write
    in the strangest
    of times, in places
    where argument
    settles in with a
    cup of tea and
    a taste of blood,

    and when one
    writer reflects us,
    our words mirrored

    on another screen,
    in another screen,
    on another screen

    the best we can do
    is take a breath,
    the death of writing
    almost always
    arrives too late

    — Kevin, with a strange poem as comment, in appreciation for your slice

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  4. Today, I am trying something new. I am commenting on the five slices posted above my own so that I can “meet” new slicers! No judgment here about posting early in the morning (or late at night). I love the quick prose here that takes me into the moment with a glimpse of a book on my to-read list. Fabulous.


  5. I can picture this almost familiar scene perfectly – from picking a cat claw from a shirt to being sneaky. Great post! I’ve heard so much about the book – please post your thoughts – w/o spoilers of course! 🙂


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