Slice of Life #24: Sunny Sunday Scuffle

Porch: More like steps,
Bricks warmed by sunshine,
Rusty railing for leaning against.

Sits the cat.
Nibbling on browned grasses
Hiding amongst the bushes.

And then…
She stands at attention
Ears perked
Languid posture gone.

I hear a rustle
(A good 30 seconds after her)
And behold:
Across the sidewalk,
A squirrel.

She prowls.
She pauses,
They make eye contact.

They’re off.

Kicking up mulch!
Skittering across the porch…!


She lost him.
She catches her breath
Sitting on the warm, brick surface,
Then flops,

As if she wanted him to get away.
Just another sunny Sunday scuffle.

4 thoughts on “Slice of Life #24: Sunny Sunday Scuffle

  1. Love the verbs in this poem, the alliteration which pulled me to your slice, and the pics at the end. I almost missed them! I had to look carefully to see the squirrel.


  2. Love the alliteration- Sunday sunny scuffle! Such a charming poem- a fun and endearing small moment . Cats are good at that- total calm, then intense drama, then total relaxation. That came through.


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