Slice of Life #25: Currently…

Thanks to Aggie for being my mentor text!

I’m currently…

Listening to the coo-OO-oo of a mourning dove outside my window, reminding me of mornings in my childhood bedroom.

Loving my cat’s fluffy belly as we cuddle. Some love after a stressful day feels nice.

Drinking water out of a mason jar. Those empty tomato preserve jars sure come in handy, Grandma!

Thinking, “I can’t believe I’m caught up on sleep for once!” Seriously, I’m always lacking sleep on Mondays. This is weird!

Wanting an açaí bowl! There’s a place near my house called South Block that makes great fruit/smoothie/health food “bowls”, and while I’ve been able to replicate the simple ones at home, there are some wild ones with algae, cashew milk, and other crazy stuff in them I really want to try – they’re blue and green!

Procrastinating cutting my fingernails, since I can’t find the clipper. My favorite way to do this? Nail polish! Saves me a few extra days 😉

Reading other people’s’ slices, on the daily. I can’t seem to get into a book lately. I have started a few, but have abandoned them. It’s annoying – I keep thinking about all the books I want to read, but have absolutely no attention span to stay with one!

Worrying that I’m going to nap, though I shouldn’t.

Wondering if I should order a bolt of yellow gingham for my mom’s birthday… No matter where I look, I can’t find any yellow gingham for a project she wants to do! I wonder how much a bolt costs, anyway…

Anticipating SPRING BREAK! Only three more weeks….

11 thoughts on “Slice of Life #25: Currently…

  1. So glad you tried it out! I love how much joy and happiness just exudes from your post. Even your worries are light and breezy. What are you doing for spring break?


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