Slice of Life #29: Mood Rings

I think teachers and students should all wear mood rings. Maybe then, my students wouldn’t push my buttons quite so much. Maybe they’d know when to quit before I blew my lid.

Today I gave an entire class detention for a week after far too many unheeded warnings.

I admitted that it’s hard to give them unbiased grades if I can’t read their handwriting.

I told them they’re behind all of my other classes.

These things are all true, but good teachers probably shouldn’t act like this. Now I’m mad at myself AND my students.

My Frustration Friday stems from two things:

1. I have an issue with work production in my class. I have an issue with students writing as much as they need to, for me to understand them. I am incapable of getting 6th graders organized.

2. I have an issue with keeping work time quiet without threats.

I spoke to my CLT about my shortcomings, and suggested maybe I just need an attitude adjustment. They suggested maybe we ALL just need spring break. Still, I can’t seem to shake this sour mood.

Perhaps this naughty class and I can use our lunch time as catch-up time. Perhaps I can give them less detention as the week progresses, based on good behavior. I’m just tired of being the only teacher on my team that the students feel like they can walk all over.

I came to this post hoping to figure something out through the writing process, but I suppose this is simply a venting exercise. I hope your Friday afternoon was better than mine!

Thank GOODNESS it’s Friday.

5 thoughts on “Slice of Life #29: Mood Rings

  1. Some days (weeks….months….years) are like that. This was a hard week in my class, too. I normally love them, but boy, did they push my buttons this week! I love the suggestion of wearing mood rings! Your line about being mad at both the students and yourself really resonated with me. I feel like the bad days aren’t generally about my students–they’re more about me not having enough patience to handle students in the way I’d like. Thanks for posting! It’s always good to know I’m not alone.


    1. I can’t even begin to tell you how much better your comment has made me feel!!Thank you for reading and reaching out. I hope your next week is better!


  2. I think I’ve been a teacher longer than you, and I totally relate to this post, as recently as 2 hours ago!!!
    But first, I have to say I just love your opening about mood rings- brilliant and so funny.
    Good that you know this is not the teacher you want to be, good that you reach out and reflect so honestly. It’s still a problem. When I feel I can do better with THOSE students I often am taking a step back, finding my sense of humor, not sweating the small stuff, even caring a bit less. Maybe starting over, Maybe breaking something into smaller chunks. Maybe making my expectations more transparent..
    I’m sure you have tried all of the above, so …enjoy Friday, and Spring Break when it comes! Teaching is hard.


  3. It was a long week for me too. I couldn’t get third graders to stop giggling and getting each other off-task. I’ve been teaching 21 years. I feel like I need more tools in my toolkit, too. Have a restful weekend!


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