Slice #32: I’m Baaaaack!: Reflections on a Grade Prep Day

Today (a teacher work day) I went into school instead of working from home. There’s something to be said for environments and the impact they have on work production. Which, in this case, means if I were to stay at home, I’d be reading and cuddling my cat all day instead of grading!

As I sat at my desk, in my slightly-too-short chair, and cast my eyes upon the student work in front of me, I felt the need to slice.

That’s right! SLICE! But… March is over. So what to do?

Luckily, there’s a teacher at my school who slices daily, so I can continue this tradition without feeling like I’m doing something wrong.

To my notebook I went, jotting down ideas to slice about.

I found my thoughts centering on one student’s response to The Hate U Give:

I love everything about her writing: not only does she identify which character has more power (the skill we’re building), but she does it by comparing two texts. She gives examples from her books. She uses background knowledge. She asks questions. I am sorrowful knowing that this world she sees reflected in her books is our own. But it is these issues we’re seeking to root out and change throughout our social issues unit. And what a change maker this student will be.

It is thinkers and writers like this student who make me say, on these tedious grading days, “Give me another ten notebooks to grade!” When they’re good, they’re good. It is so powerful to watch young people find their voice.

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