Roses and Thorns: The Week Before Spring Break

Monday: Ah, a reading day! How peaceful…

Tuesday: Ah, a lesson followed by work time! The students will TOTALLY make the most of this, right?!

Later that day in a CLT meeting… “I’m so frustrated. I teach lessons that the students don’t even hear! They have time to work on a theme page, then act like we’ve never talked about it before!” “Theme is hard, it takes a lot of doses for them to get it.” “They’re only 6th graders.” “Yeah, I guess… but how am I going to get them to turn in ALL THREE assignments before break?!”

After school… I know! I’ll have students check off their work as they complete it! And… it’ll be a Harry Potter House Cup-style competition! They’ll add a “point” to the hourglass once all three assignments are done… And the class with the highest percentage of work done will win….. a party! FOOD! And games or read aloud! Yep, that’ll hold them accountable…

Wednesday: Introduces tournament, which leads to a beautiful quiet work day. AH!

Later that day… WOW, some of these theme pages are DEEP! Who says 6th graders can’t get theme?! These kids are BRILLIANT.

Thursday: TA makes me hateful! The expectations never change, so why are students claiming ignorance?!

Later that day… These students are AMAZING! LOOK what a little extrinsic motivation can do! They are a COMMUNITY OF LEARNERS! Look at them encouraging each other! LOOK! THEY’RE DOING MY JOB! “Where’s your chart, Josef?” “Turn it in on Canvas, Sara!” “Do you want help or a cheerleader, Kira?

Even later that day… “You don’t shove people in my classroom, and when you argue with me about the fairness of a REWARD system I have created, in which I will spend my OWN money on you, you do NOT get to participate anymore. If you come to me with another idea, or a solution, I’ll listen to you. But I will NOT take complaining when I’m offering to buy you guys food!”

In the last class of the day… THAT’S EVERYBODY! WE DID IT!” “WE’RE THE COMEBACK KIDS!” “Can we vote on our snack now?” “Well. Since you guys needed me calling you out at the start of class for an attitude adjustment, I get to decide what you’re having.” …Something I can afford!

That night… “Hey Siri, remind me to pick up an ice cream cake, a donut for Bennett, and red and yellow streamers…and something for 6th period.”

Friday: We’ll see what happens…!


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