10/7 Slice: Uncomfortable Chairs Build Empathy?!

First, the back starts to hurt. Then it’s the sit-bones. You try to lean backward, but the gap between the plastic lunch table seat and the wall is just a little too far to take any pressure off your posture.

You fiddle with your notepad – then poke around inside your backpack, anything to keep you awake. Of all days for your computer to be dead! You sigh and settle for drinking more coffee.

You start tapping your pen too much. You are overdue for a chance to stand, to stretch, and when an invitation for an activity is extended, you speed out of the room to claim your charging chromebook. You consider whether to just leave and never come back, to finish that grading you’d rather be – no, have an obligation to be – doing, but this meeting, this cursed meeting, is taking approximately ten times longer than it needs to. This is not a good sign, as you’re looking down the barrel of two more trainings and a PLC to follow. Wistfully, you reminisce about the focus, choice, and efficiency that seemed to permeate certain staff PD in past years.

As you shuffle back into the little theater, open your computer, and settle into the familiar-yet-anxiety-producing routine of logging into email, opening windows, checking over plans and calendars, you are hit with a revelation: is this what school really is?

My poor students!

One thought on “10/7 Slice: Uncomfortable Chairs Build Empathy?!

  1. I so feel for students. After a mandatory day-long PD, I went back to school and thanked my students for coming to class everyday and told them that I have a newfound appreciation for what they go through day in and day out.

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