Slice of Life #8: Book Spine Poetry

Inspired by Trina, I’m trying out Book Spine Poetry for my slice today! I’d love to include book spines, but pictures of the covers will have to do since I don’t own all of these books. Enjoy!

Dear Martin,

The Shadow of the Wind,

Snow Falling on Cedars.


As You Like It.

This Monstrous Thing,

Winter’s Bone,

A Midsummers Night Dream

Far From the Tree,

Prodigal Summer

A Long Way Gone.


If You Leave Me,

What to Say Next?

Everything, Everything.



13 thoughts on “Slice of Life #8: Book Spine Poetry

  1. I love book spine poetry! I love the titles you used. This looks like so much fun to do with students and a great reason to get more books!


  2. Really enjoyed this. Some of these I’ve only seen the movies-But Snow falling on cedars was a great book and a good movie too. Now I have some titles to look up!


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